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Blockchain Gaming's Bright Future According to Solana's Founder, Anatoly Yakovenko

The future of blockchain gaming is looking promising according to the founder of Solana, Anatoly Yakovenko. In an interview with Fortune Magazine, he spoke about how small-time creators, like artists, could see a boost in their careers by switching to full-time work in the blockchain gaming industry.

The Metaverse of the Future Yakovenko wants to see a future where everything is protocol-based, making it possible for smaller creators to work on their creative projects full-time and contribute to one giant economy. He believes that blockchain gaming has a lot to offer, such as the Play to Earn model, low fees, and the availability of royalties on future sales of NFTs.

The Solana Network Despite its past issues with reliability and network outages, Solana has been making moves by partnering with big players like Google Cloud and Meta's Instagram. Although there are already many established blockchain solutions in the gaming industry, Yakovenko's outlook on the future of blockchain gaming suggests that Solana is poised to drive development even further.

Why You Should Pay Attention The gaming sector is booming with a huge interest in blockchain-based games, making it a promising industry for developers to explore. Solana's low fees and high throughput make it a viable option for game developers looking to enter the market. The future of blockchain gaming looks bright, and it's worth keeping an eye on what Solana and other companies have in store.


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