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Goat Capital to Fund the Greatest of All Time

Superstar investors Justin Kan and Robin Chan have a long and successful history of angel investing. They recently combined their expertise to start a new investment fund, Goat Capital, with a focus on supporting and guiding startups to success. The fund is investing globally with a particular interest in industries such as digital health, e-commerce, digital entertainment and gaming, robotics, and climate change. The goal is to not just be the greatest of all time but to help startups succeed by providing a direct collaboration with Justin and Robin.

Justin is known for his successful ventures, including which became Twitch, Socialcam, and Atrium, a law firm and legal software startup. He also started the thriving digital health unicorn Alto Pharmacy in his living room. Robin also has a deep background in gaming, having sold his gaming startup in China to Zynga and later founded the well-funded e-commerce company Operator. Robin has been an early investor in some of the biggest companies around the world from Silicon Valley to China, including Uber, Square, Twitter and XiaoMi. He played a key role in the creation of Operation Masks, a nonprofit that provided PPE during the pandemic. The two partners have a long history of co-investing and their combined expertise provides a unique opportunity for startups to benefit from their experience and knowledge.

The focus of Goat Capital is fully global, and despite the challenges of building a global company, there is still plenty of opportunity for local startups to succeed. With the internet becoming more international, smart founders are looking for talent anywhere and teams are becoming increasingly international and remote. This new fund allows Justin and Robin to stay connected to that special startup feeling that is so elusive for anyone trying to build something great. They both share a passion for the first step of a special company and the glimpse of the future it provides. With their instincts and expertise, they are confident that they can help startups achieve their goals and reach new heights.

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